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Why User-First SEO Is Not The Industry Default 

It’s an unfortunate reality: internet content production is largely focused on what the “search algorithm” wants to be fed, not necessarily what the user wants to find.

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Ultra Commerce: One Stop Shop for All Things eCommerce

Not your run-of-the-mill eCommerce platform.

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6/22/2022 |Zara Glidden

Monthly Download

The Monthly Download: March 2022

Another month, another 15 reasons to love the internet. 

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4/4/2022 |Zara Glidden


Defining Your Brand Attributes

Within today’s corporate landscape, identifying and distinguishing your brand attributes is essential. Amid ever-changing technologies, cultural trends, and marketing methods, the task of building strong brand equity may seem daunting. But if your business provides a product or service to consumers (no matter the industry), developing your brand attributes is well worth the effort. It […]

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1/26/2022 |Eirlyse Sollars


Content Repurposing: A Guide to Making Your Content Work Harder Than You Do

Content repurposing (aka “content recycling”) describes a savvy strategy for individuals, brands, and companies to recycle content that previously generated high traffic volume and revive it to expand its reach. In the world of SEO and marketing strategy, “ Social Media Social media can be one of the easiest platforms to publish repurposed content to. […]

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1/7/2022 |Sky Smith

Monthly Download

The Monthly Download: October 2021

Development Another month, another new CMS. This one looks built on top of some pretty awesome technologies, though, and might be worth looking into if you’re in the need of a new CMS. Mario64 was ported to iOS, which kind of still boggles our minds. New to TypeScript? Check out these tricks. Content & SEO […]

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11/12/2021 |Zara Glidden

Web Development

Breaking Down Page Speed Insights, Part 1: Performance

For the longest time, one of the biggest pushes in the web world has been towards responsive design and development. While this has led to a great number of advances, in both specs and tooling, it has also shone a light onto web site performance. With the spread of hi-dpi, and more powerful devices over […]

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11/10/2021 |Steven Kreschollek


Minimalism Vs. Maximalism in Web Design: Why Less is (Not) Always More

Minimalism has been dominating the creative field for years, leaving little room for out-of-the-box ideas and designs. What if we could add just a tiny bit of originality to spice things up? Minimalism vs. Maximalism in Art, Life, and UX There’s no way you could exist in modern society without experiencing minimalism. From tech to […]

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10/28/2021 |Eirlyse Sollars

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