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Platform Development

The key to your operations online, platforms, or CMS's, keep your web presence alive and engaging by providing you and your teams easy access to adding new content. Whether that's a blog post, a new product, or the marketing teams next landing page, your platform is the structural glue that keeps it all together.

Eightfold has industry knowledge in a wide variety of platforms, and we have some serious chops when it comes to building in the following platforms:

Drupal 8

Drupal provides a fantastic out-of-the-box solution for site operators, from enterprises, down to small community focused organizations. Built in support for modern workflow best practices, like Git for version control, and Composer for dependency management, means future developers can pick up your application and hit the ground running.


We do WordPress a bit differently; utilizing the great boilerplate, Bedrock, by Roots, to build fast, modern, and secure WordPress sites utilizing the best in modern tools and workflows.


Blazing fast E-commerce sites powered by some of the biggest names in the industry, inlcuding Shopify, SnipCart, Magento, and Woo-Commerce.

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Progressive Web Apps & Static Sites

Bringing the speed of native apps with the cost of normal websites. Spend more time working on your content and less time worrying about your next re-platform.

Cloud platforms, managed.

The key to your operations online, platforms keep your web presence alive by providing your key cloud infrastructure components.

Whether that's as simple as statically served assets, or as complex as a micro-service architected application, Eightfold is your partner in making the right choices when it comes to managing your cloud infrastructure.

Custom Development

The technology landscape is always changing; always progressing. We stay on top of the latest tools, languages, and industry standards so you don't have to.

Whether your project is just getting off the ground, or you've been running it full-speed ahead at scale, we can help.

Here are just some of the tools and technologies we're constantly using around the office:

  • Languages
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Frameworks
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • App Dev
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • React Native

Language or framework missing from the list above? Don't fret! We can still help! Reach out now to get started.

Code Audits

Having a holistic review of your product can provide insight before you run into future roadblocks, before they come crashing down on you. Contact us today get started.

API Development

With years of indsutry knowledge across a wide variety of API implementations, we can figure out a solution that works best for you, your team, and your partners.

Marketing Development

Site SEO

A site needs to be optimized for the user - if that is accomplished, it should be optimized for the search engine. Regardless, there is always the need for good E-A-T methodology and approach.

Tools / Technology Integration

Proper integration and execution of marketing tech is necessary to reap the full benefit of any product your organization is paying for. Forrester research indicated 65% of polled marketing professionals have concerns over their data resources and the quality given execution and integration. Let’s solve these issues, together.

Marketing Communication

Once you have the data, you’ll need a communication plan in place to begin developing that data into action. We at Eightfold have always been proponents of starting simple and scaling quickly with a communication plan. We develop a strategy and begin the execution, constantly reassessing and reaffirming our approach.


UX / UI Design

Taking your design from napkin sketch to usable product can be daunting, but we can help! We collaborate with your internal marketing and design teams throughout a project to ensure you get a complete product, just the way you want it.

User Research

Design around your audience since they use their devices to engage with you; think like they do. Human first - Purposeful design with readability in mind.

Market Research

Our organization uses all of the industry standards in listening tools - ahrefs, SEMRush, BuzzSumo, etc - but we also pay attention to your most important resource: your consumer. Our time and energy is spent on understanding their behavior - with you, your competitors, and the driving motivation behind their behavior.

Design Mockup