Safe + Fair

Design + Development

Client / 2019


Safe + Fair occupies a unique segment in the market, offering great tasting, high quality products, but with a variety of dietary restrictions in mind. One of their key goals was to ensure that all users recognize that this is food for all, not just those that have a dietary requirement. Their website was recently redone on the Shopify platform, but was limited in function, design aesthetic and flexibility for a brand in a high growth, action oriented phase. The platform functioned well as an ecommerce system, but needed more advanced capabilities for growth.

Website Opportunity

Eightfold was tasked with ensuring the site achieved a desired aesthetic, as well as messaging for the brand’s “food for all” promise and featuring their key products in the best light. They also needed a team that was quick to the task, and could roll out campaigns in an aggressive, responsive manner. It would need to prioritize mobile devices and focus heavily on the user's path to conversion - it is an ecommerce solution after all.

Eightfold's Solution

Our team worked quickly to redesign the initial home page of the site to something more functional and user friendly. We aggressively pushed their featured products and their brand promise, creating an area for the user to easily and quickly convert. Our job was to assuage the initial concerns with the site in two weeks time. Our goals were four key elements:

  • Ensure the site was aesthetically pleasing for the user
  • Feature the products in a manner that helped funnel users directly to areas of conversion
  • Clean up site performance and foster site conversion optimization
  • Work quickly with the Safe + Fair team to keep the most fresh, relevant content at the fore

The Process

After the initial phase of work was complete, we were set to the task of cleaning up several errant portions of the website, bringing it to point with the product’s quality and featuring the best elements to users. Following the cleanup phase, we approached the aesthetic of the site and made a complete overhaul of the homepage and the ways in which the products were displayed. We provided featured products resources and an area to host current campaigns and product launch opportunities. We’ve been involved in the integration in all of those new product launches and features since the outset of our efforts.

Safe + Fair's Results

Post overhaul, the results have come in and the new designs and features have helped facilitate triple digital increase site visits, revenue, and transactions. Site improvements increased conversion rates on key channels by double digit totals and have lead to overall better user experience with decreases in bounce rates and increased time on site.

311% Increase in transactions

15.62% Increase in Channel Conversion Rate

515% Increase in Users Reaching Checkout

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