Berry Divine

Static Site Development

Berry Divine is a QSR concept that serves high quality meal replacements in the form of acai bowls. Their offerings range from acai bowls, to smoothies, to coffee and alternative health beverages. Known for the delightful taste and palate pleasing variations in their product offerings, Berry Divine opts for a stripped down, product focused website that accents the best elements of their product.

Client / 2019


Berry Divine wanted some key design updates and to move off the WordPress platform. They had been working against the conditions of CMS that didn’t require any direct management and wanted more freedom in design opportunity. The goal was to create a product that could be managed by developers, open up design, and target some of the issues with site load speeds.

Website Opportunity

Berry Divine had developed a strong presence online at a national level of visibility, despite being an Arizona based business. The site needed to maintain its position in the search market, but drive more opportunity in areas around their newer products and further local search goals as they added locations across the state.

Eightfold's Solution

The design team worked on crafting a site design that was befitting of the main goal: focus on our food and the incredible colors and accentuate our product offering from store locations. Ensure the site is more manageable and that content can be quickly added and managed from a development standpoint. Our goals were four key elements:

  • Open design up and ensure that the restrictions of templated site work didn’t hamper desired goals and effects
  • Develop a product that could be more easily and efficiently managed by a development team
  • Ensure site speeds are optimized and cut load times
  • Maintain search engine standings and create more opportunities around new product offerings and locations

The Process

Eightfold designers quickly stripped out unnecessary design features and heavy handed, redundant content in favor of designs that focused on and presented the great looking food to the user. Our development team used a quick setup stack that ensured the sites were fast and could easily add content to the site as needed. We worked in tandem with development to provide all of the necessary SEO resources and tactics to ensure no value would be lost on relaunch.

Berry Divine's Results

The new site went live without the traditional dip in rankings. The seamless transition to the new product with our emphasis on speed and smart technical planning in how we fed the search engines demonstrated no loss in traffic or rankings in the post launch phase. Berry Divine experiences a product sales cycle similar to that over other frozen food products - Spring of 2019 saw their biggest jump in traffic of all time - 114% lift in user traffic.

2.44 seconds Avg Page Load Time

39% Increase in Traffic YoY '18 - '19 Season

45% Decrease in Page Load Time

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