SEO 2020 - Learn Good Habits

SEO 2020 - Learn Good HabitsSEO 2020 - Learn Good Habits

Good Optimization Habits for 2020 and Beyond!

Rather than make a short list of best and worst habits and techniques for SEO from 2019 - I figured I’d summarize the whole decade in one short, sweet article. For me, these tactics are both good for future marketing methods and a list of the items that we should get away from.

Search isn’t just Google anymore!

Search engine optimization cannot and should not be limited to merely Google. A lot of that has to do with the robust nature of search tools for platforms like Amazon and Ebay, as well as being optimized for video and social search.

Ensure your content can perform in a variety of mediums. It’s too simple to keep your content in the static “Google Search” mindset. A few years back marketers jumped on the term “conversation marketing”, but really didn’t realize they weren’t trendsetters like Neil Patel. So, I encourage you to be search conscious and try and recognize opportunities in the search world from that standpoint. The conversation should follow if your content has good legs.

Good Habit #2 - Content that has that E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust)

If you are writing content that demonstrates a lack of knowledge, it will show. Content should be simple, informative and help users take some type of action (maybe just read more content!), and if it does this authority and trust will follow. Authority should come from your background, so support your content with author pages and demonstrated leadership.

If you aren’t going to draft content with an understanding of the search engine, how it works, how tagging should be done, and whether or not there is anyone even looking for your content, you may as well not draft that content. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are drafting content “just cause” you’ll find yourself throwing darts into the void. You need a strategy and you need a plan.

Good Habit #4 - Network that content

If you aren’t networking your content with publications and other media formats, you are missing out. You need your content on social, you need your content on video, you need your content everywhere! So diversify that content portfolio and make sure you are reaching your audience at their best medium.

There are more good habits here, but these should be your core components. If you are doing these things and doing them well, you should see the results. A few things to consider:

  • Do you know the vertical that equates to results most for your platform?
  • What are the content types that exhibit the most opportunity?
  • What is the competitive profile of trying rank for various queries and topics?
  • Make a strategy and stick with across time - you can have more than one strategy, but you need to produce that content consistently.

Keep in mind, not all teams and companies have the infrastructure and team to manage this, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help!