Eightfold's Solution

We run projects in accordance with established industry best practices, built upon years of experience and passion. Our observations of business behavior, and internal team needs, make us an ideal consulting organization in the planning phase, solidifying our role as your guide in the technology landscape. Utilizing a structured approach, we ensure your expectations are met within a timeframe everyone can agree on.

Our best effort, your best product.

Systems & Technologies

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Strategic Technology

Catering to your organizations requirements

Working with your team is key to a successful technology initiative. Whether we are incorporating MarTech into existing platforms, or building from scratch, we work against a technical strategy that is both understandable and robust. When you have a partner that can help with your platform planning and selection process, you are ensuring your organization will succeed past the launch phase. We've been in this environment long enough to know if your people don't understand your technology, they will be hampered by its mystery.

  • CMS - Client Management Services
  • CRM Integration
  • Scaled Hosting & Server Environments
  • API & Extensible Technology
  • Unique Solutions

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Design: UX | UI

Cross Device | Mobile First | Completely Responsive

Design around your audience and user preferences, since they use their devices to engage with you, think like they do. Human first - Purposeful design with readability in mind. We collaborate with your internal marketing and design teams throughout a project to ensure you get a complete product, end-to-end.

  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe Builds
  • Mockups & Prototyping

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Development: Code

Quality of Code & Version Control

We have a rigorous process in place that ensures there is a plan, a map, a strategy at every level of the execution of our code process. Working with industry standard tools, technologies, and products, we ensure our code is transferable in the event we need to hand a product off, and we build our code so that we can manage it efficiently and quickly - minimizing post launch costs and code updates.

  • Modern Workflow: Development > Staging > Production
  • Best Practices: Always.
  • We work with the latest code languages and frameworks

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Quality Assurance


  • Eightfold is all hands on during QA
  • QA ensures your product is up to our high standards, visually and functionally
  • Expectation, meet reality
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Testing & Optimization

Pre & Post-Launch

  • Your product is never done - and neither are we
  • Performance, security, and functional updates improve your product as time goes on

Dedicated Partner

Eightfold is a dedicated partner. We build products that our clients can control and will feel secure in their performance and security. We work to ensure we are giving the client the best possible product with great service. We gladly attach our reputation to the quality of our work - that quality is rooted in being a true partner - your success is our own.

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