The Monthly Download: July 2021

The Monthly Download: July 2021The Monthly Download: July 2021

Design & UX


Content & SEO

  • Measuring the impact that social media interactions, follows and shares have on SEO rankings is still far from an exact science. That doesn’t make it any less important to creatively integrate social media with your overall content strategy. Look out for a piece on socials and smart content diversification later this month!  

Around the Techno-Sphere

  • Europe's Quest to Fix the Internet: an interesting look at how governments and big tech continue to interact. At Eightfold, we continue to work with more clients with an international presence, and the way domestic and foreign government regulations affect clients is definitely something that we will continue to keep an eye on moving forward. Interesting to consider what role governments should have to protect consumers and both the good and possibly bad regulations will hold.
  • How to Learn Stuff Quickly is an interesting read on how to be a better learner… quickly.