The Monthly Download Is Back!

The Monthly Download Is Back!The Monthly Download Is Back!


  • Clippy.js
    Via Smore
    To start off, here’s a fun piece of nostalgia that’s been making its way into all our office chats lately.  Someone rebuilt him for the web. Nobody saw it coming, but  we’re delighted to have him back!
  • SVGator
    We’ve been trying out this tool as a simpler alternative to more robust options like After Effects. We are exploring using it to create more complex prototype animations that aren't currently available in Figma, and we may also use it to create animated assets for dev. Our thoughts so far? It's pretty powerful for what it is. After Effects might be better for animation in general, but the fact that we can quickly and easily make an animation and export it as CSS makes using it kind of a no brainer.


  • Next.js 11
    Some great new additions to Next to look forward to.
  • Consistency via Gatsby's Themes
    Via NOVVUM
    We’re constantly evaluating what others are doing in the Gatsby space - and with more and more performance marketing-based landing pages in development, always looking towards how we can create reliable, reusable systems.
  • Reasons why Django is the best web framework
    Via DEV
    We agree. Django is a clean, pragmatic approach for database builds. It’s fast, secure, and scalable.
  • Gherkin Reference
    Via Cucumber
    This is something we’re looking at implementing for application buildouts in the future. Future application development planning.
  • React Hook Form
    Forms suck. We’re moving towards standardizing as much of our form work as humanly possible in an effort to keep reliability, readability, and security at the top of our minds.




Around the Tecno-Sphere

  • Competitive Analysis
    Via Crunchbase
    This is something that people might be aware of, but aren’t necessarily doing as thoroughly as they should. This helps in a number of ways including understanding your competitor’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. Additionally, it can help to potentially inspire ways to expand one’s business with new products or services.