The Monthly Download for January 2020

The Monthly Download for January 2020The Monthly Download for January 2020


  • Sketch announced Cloud Inspector, their free developer hand off tool. I've been sort of down on Sketch lately, as we've mostly moved over to Figma for UX/UI design, but it's good to finally see Sketch start adding more requested features. I'm still waiting for that Windows/Linux app that will never come though...
  • While many people lament the 'flattening' of design language throughout the '10s, I thoroughly enjoyed GoDaddys' recent redesign and updated language. I've never been shy about my feeling about GoDaddy, but this redesign adds some much needed growing up to the venerable brand.


  • Goodbye, clean code is one of the better articles on the difficulty of software development that I've seen in recent years.
  • sshcode is a wonderful package, and I'm finally getting around to using it more; maybe someday I'll truly be able to use my iPad on the go as a mobile development workstation...
  • Another month, another font aimed at developers, this time by the lovely folks over at JetBrains. Check it out here.


A preface for security this month; readers shouldn't be alarmed by vulnerabilities. As software becomes more and more complex, and more and more people look at the technology we use in our everyday life, the more these issues will be uncovered. That said, it's important to be cognizant of the ever-changing landscape of technological security landscape.

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