SEO in a volatile world...

SEO in a volatile world...SEO in a volatile world...

It's a mad world — to say the least. When we need leadership to help guide us, the global leadership has been sub-par — this has been in pretty much every category. Technology has been shaken up as users rush to the internet for information, communication and connection, and even as a salve to provide some form security against the nature of a pandemic.

Needless to say, it has more than affected our SEO. The SEO of our personal site, as well as that of our clients. There is always a certain amount of mystery surrounding Google's approach to their algorithm and the "experts" seemingly go around circles about what is and isn't important.

I think now, more than ever, we need to just focus on the quality and nature of the content we build, and whether or not we really can deliver the results to our users. Take the momentum of establishing trust and move on that alone. Google has provided the guidelines for SEO success with E-A-T. These are somewhat generic, even vague, guidelines, but they are helpful nonetheless.

When it comes to the SEO you produce, put the information that you think is going to be most valuable to the user at the fore. Ensure that you, your organization and the content is fitting of an area you can provide expertise in. Create a sense of authority with the research and the quality of the content. Use smart tactics and attack topic matter that you know you can win on.

What Google is setting out to be - whether deserved or not - is the arbiter of good information and ensuring their search engine isn't being leveraged for the dissemination of harmful resources. Good may not actually be the goal (given the debate over the accuracy of any data), but at least try to filter the things that could lead a user to a bad decision path. Hence their data table:

The Google Information Pack has been increasingly pushed as a tool for users. Many argues it's also a tool to keep users from leaving the Google environment. 

From here, you just need to focus on increasing the viability of your organization and it's ability to build talent and relationships. This will carry you farther than any "perceived" tactics. Smart SEO will always benefit you, but in the time COVID19 and the age of information, being honest is everything.